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I've got 15 iPads on my school.


There is one app that I'd like to keep without updating. (Because the developer made siginicant changes, that for my educational purpose made it more difficult for children to use. And it works well in the old version.) Before I knew that I'd like to keep the old version, I allready updated on some iPads, but I have the old version some iPads.


Is there a way to restore the old version back to the iPads that have the updated version?



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Solved by King_Penguin on Nov 15, 2012 3:51 AM Solved

Do you still have the old version on the computer that you sync from ? If you do then you can delete the version from the updated iPads (does the app have any content in it that you need to copy off first ?) and then connect them to that computer and sync it back onto them.


If you have the new version on the computer that you sync from then delete it from there, connect one of the iPads that still has the old version on it and do File > Transfer Purchases which should copy it over, and then delete the version from the updated iPads and then connect them and re-sync the old version back onto them.

Reply by Demo on Nov 15, 2012 3:52 AM Helpful

If you update the iPads using iTunes, you might be able to dig the old versions of the apps out of the trash on the computer and reinstall them.


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