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I have been using Macs since '95


I have Mountain Lion installed on at least 6 CPUs.

The latest CPU to the collection is the Retina MacBook Pro...


The Retina wont stay connected to a network for longer than about 10 minutes.

Then connections stops althought the Finder STILL displays the network shares.


If I turn on Bluetooth on the Retina I cannot connect to anything.


Generally it is impossible to have a reliabe network using Mountain Lion


At times it is blazing fast (1% of the day) the rest is just filled with network drops and slowdowns.


I use the Airport Extremes for my network.


I have tried anything.. Using another router, another W-LAN router, altering MTUs disalbling bluethooth and ALL peripherals.

New Network Locations. You name it..


NOTHING I do will render a network with even 40% stability.


This is the first time in almost 20 years that I am contemplating switching to Windows.



Please --- If someone has ANY idea of what is going on this most erratic OS that Apple has ever release, please tell me...


I am at a complete loss here.



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