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    Studio Engineer wrote:


    You are not helping at all. You are venting.


    You are the one ranting.


    Would have thought someone with your amount of posts would at least have had one constructive suggestion,

    And you would be wrong, because I have given you two constructive suggestions.


    Please refrain from adding posts to this thread. I am not reading them nor am I taking them seriously.


    And man, if NO ONE would have those problems WHY on earth does THIS follwing thread have 32,000 VIEWS....

    Get your facts straight.... PLEASE


    I'll be more than happy to leave you with your dysfunctional network, but not without at least doubling my previous count of constructive suggestions.


    This is a user-to-user tech support forum. It is not a place to learn anything about system performance or reliability. If you try that, it will just lead to some mistaken impression that whatever problem you are experiencing is some kind of inherent problem in the operating system. The fact that 32,000 people have looked at a thread does not mean they have that problem. Even if they did, that would leave at least 6968000 Mountain Lion users with no networking issues.


    You are reporting problems with everything involving extensive system modifications, multiple routers, and both wired and wireless connections. The only way you are ever going to resolve this issue is to give up on the idea that there is something wrong with Mountain Lion and start a process of elimination to find out what is going wrong.


    Take one machine, erase the hard drive, and reinstall the operating system to get to a known, working configuration. Take it to an Apple Store or some other network that is known to be good. Once you know that device is working properly, then you can start with it and attach new devices one by one until it stops working. The problem could be something as simple as a bad cable.


    Unfortunately, you are going to have to do all of this on your own. You have asked me to leave and I will do so gladly. I've given you all the tools and instructions you need to fix your network. It is your choice to either fix it or dump it and go to Windows. Either way, I'll be happy.

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