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My wife and I have been trying to use iCal for our family. I use a Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion and an iPhone 4S; all the calendars are hosted on my iCal. My wife has an old Macbook 13-inch (late 2007) that can only run Lion, and she subscribes to all the calendars on my Macbook. iCal seems to work fine for me, but when she enters events on hers occasionally they won't show up on mine and then delete themselves on her calendar as well (she's already missed a few appointments, and I'm the IT guy in the family...). Other times the events she enters do show up but the descriptions get deleted and the even reverts to a generic "new" event in both her iCal and mine. It seems to me that when I post an event from my mac or iPhone, the data gets to iCloud with no problem; when she does, it's a crapshoot. I've done the usual things on her Mac, repairing permissions, occasionally running Onyx to clean up old logs, maintenance scripts, etc., and even occasionally booting into single user mode to do an "/sbin/fsck -fy". Nothing has solved the problem. I've poked around here looking at other threads but haven't found anything helpful yet. Any ideas?? Other threads to point me to? We're hoping the answer doesn't involve buying a new Mac to run 10.8.2 ;-)