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I recently bought a Powerbook G4 1ghz laptop for the purpose of iMovies only. What is the bare minimum OS I need to make it only run iMovie and not all the rest of the system stuff and still operate?

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    I don't think a G4 PowerBook has enough horsepower to run movies well or at all. The 1Gz CPU and the 64Mb DDR graphics will not support much in this day. Plus it is severly limited by the PPC software requirements.

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    If you use a version of iMovie that was designed for the G4, and you are editing SD video such as miniDV, you should be fine. Video editing was certainly possible with the G3 iMacs and the G3 PowerBooks that CNN handed out to field reporters, so it's possible with a G4. But you must limit yourself to SD and low-res webcam stuff.


    The problem is that the G4 won't run today's iMovie very well, and cannot play back, or edit, HD video at all.


    The G4 can easily play back the not-very-compressed QuickTime movies of its day, and of course it can also play DVD movies like the G3 could. But again, you'll never see a G4 play an Blu-ray or HD YouTube video because it just doesn't have the power.