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I list my family and close friends by their first names only in my Contacts, leaving the surname field blank.


Contacts has now started to duplicate their first names into the surname field, so that my wife's entry reads "Fiona Fiona" and my daughter's entry is "Sophie Sophie".


No matter how many times I change the entry, either on my iPhone or on my Air, the first name keeps appearing in the surname field too.


Is Contacts unable to deal with entries containing only a first name?


Has anyone else experienced this?

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Can I have another attempt to raise this and see if anyone else is experiencing this problem?

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    I'm having a similar issue. I list all of my contacts by their full name, but just using the surname field. When I attempt to email one of my contacts (via Apple Mail), his first name is repeated three times! Checking my iPhone contacts, his first name has been inserted twice into the first name field. Deleting the first name field contents has no effect.

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    I too am suffering from this problem, has anyone found a fix for this yet?

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    I'm having the exact problem.  I called Apple Care and asked them for help and we still couldn't figure it out.

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    I fixed my problem with it.  I went to my Mac and it was in the Mail app.

    • Open Mail
    • From the menu bar select Window
    • Select Previous Recipients

    I found the culprit in there.  I don't know how the name got to be the way it was in the first place but I took it out of there and it fixed it.  It stopped messing up my contacts.


    Hope this helps.