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My iPhone 4s wifi button is greyed out and the Bluetooth keeps searching till forever. These started when I upgraded to IOS6.0.1. Any reason why these happened and what is the way out. I've tried a restore but it didn't work. It's kind of frustrating!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    Maybe this will help... http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1559

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    I have had this problem since updating as well.  I followed the instructions on the link and it still doesn't work.  I have restored my phone TWICE and still have not had any luck.  Because of this, I have already used 65% of my data which I need for work and do not wish to be charged extra   Somebody PLEASE help.

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    1.  I have the same Wi Fi greyed out, fast battery drain  iPhone 4S  6.0.1 problem, which started about two weeks after I got the phone as replacement for my original phone that had a different battery drain problem (under warranty).

    2.  I read through much of the threads about this problem

    3.  My conclusion is this:  Apple has a serious quality assurance problem with these phones.  The problem is not  IOS related. It is a hardware issue.  Possibly with the WiFi chipset.  All these tricks of  Hair dryer/ Freezer etc. point to a hardware issue.  Until Apple revises the chip and/or finds a way to test these chips for this problem, it will not go away. It is not a simple problem since the bug seems to be a soft error related problem.

    4.  We are screwed, because, even if Apple exchanges our phones, there is no guarantee the problem will not come up again.

    5. I am sure Apple knows about this, still has no solution, and is afraid to admit it.

    6. Sell your Apple stock before it tanks.

    7.  Go buy Samsung.


    p.s. If you really want your Wi Fi back even for a short time, the Deep Freezer trick works.  Just shut your phone off and let it cool in the DF for 30 minutes.  Presto! Wi Fi is working again.  It will stay alive for a few hours to a few days and then it will get stuck again.  Only do me a favor, and dry off your phone with a warm hair dryer as soon as you get Wi Fi to work, to make sure you do not get condensation inside.

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    gideon_a wrote:


    Only do me a favor, and dry off your phone with a warm hair dryer as soon as you get Wi Fi to work, to make sure you do not get condensation inside.


    Putting it in a plastic bag, squeezing the air out and sealing it is a better method for protection from condensation after freezing.  You could even throw in some rice or a dessicant if desired.  Just leave it in the bag until it's warmed up.

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    i updated my iphone last night to the most recent update and the same happened to me, very annoyed as i have only had it for 6 months.

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    Hi guys, I was experiencing the same problem, my wifi button was greyed out and nothing I did worked! I tried restoring my phone to factory settings and resetting network and I got nothing! I decided to turn my phone onto airplane mode all night, when I turned it off I then turned my phone off completely, I left it for 5mins and when I turned it back on to my amazement my wifi was ON and able to connect to my network!!'

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    this worked for me.. thanks

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    this is just a scam to make more money not only would your data bill go up but you will end up buying a new iphone this way the cell phone companys and apple makes extra money. I think this because this problem is becoming varry common and the new update most likely was what uploaded the scam to your phone whitch was a scam to begin with