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I just received thiscouple days ago from when this was posted.

My Macbook pro has 8GB Ram, GT 650m w/1GB DDR5, i7 3720QM, 5400/750GB HDD, Hi Res Anti Glare Screen 1680 x 1050 screen.


It gets hot in the usual area by the screen. I read posts from back in October about someone said to send it back right away but there are so many variable from people regarding heat I questioned whether these people knew this is a laptop and it's get hot. The question is, are my variable normal for it to get this hot?


I posted the specs, it's brand new.

HWInfo64 reports when running windows on bootcamp


Skyrim/BF3 the CPU gets at 105 sometimes and the GPU gets at about 91C. With a laptop cooler it is 1C less on the GPU (90C) and the CPU temps remain around 104 during gameplay.


Sometimes it gets hot just surfing the net or watching 1080 video?


I read others returning there and lots of people ahve found solutions. Due to the variables, what do you guys think I should do about the temps? the screen bottom does get hot in that area.


Room temps 68-70(20C)



What do you guys think? I am coming from the world of hardcore gaming and am a active Windows user. I own a mac before so I know somewhat enough to work with the OS but nowere near the scale as I do with Windows 7.


I need it for school so... yeah. What do you guys think?


Also, curious questions on the side:

Firefox or safari?

Why didn't Apple go with a standard 1080 screen? Why is it a 1050 lol