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In my school there is a Mac Pro 1,1 with Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT.

I have installed on it SL form retail DVD, then, using BootCamp Assistant i created Windows partition, and installed Windows 7. It doesn't detecting the graphic card. I have installed the BotoCamp drivers, but the graphic adapter isn't working still.

On Windows there is only 16 colours and 800x600 resolution. In Windows settings, the unidentified display is connected to some unidentified graphics.

I have tryied many drivers - those from BootCamp 1.3, from retail DVD, latest from Apple, and those from Nvidia. I reinstalled the SL and Win7 many times.  It is still not working

I found that this GPU with oryginal firmware has some problems with Windows 7 and that thereis some patch for that. The problem is that this patch require some other fimwar version (newer). When updating it isn't telling me that this version of firmware is too old, but that there was some unidentified error.


How can I upgreade this firmware or in other way install this graphics drivers on Windows 7?

I know that this Mac isn't support WIndows 7, but I found a several instructions how to set up Windows 7, even 64-bit version (mine is 32). Nobody had a problem with this graphics.

The problem is with (supported?) Windows Vista too.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I used 7 64-bit and it was an issue getting it installed, I cheated, I installed on a PC, shutdown and moved the drive.


    I never share the same drive with both. I use independent drives.


    You should not be using anything older than BC 3.04 though, NOT 1.3 which was BETA for XP and maybe Vista.


    32-bit: you get 1.9GB RAM use, so use 64-bit if possible.


    I now have Windows 8 Pro 64-bit on mine. But I did have trouble with 7300 and it is a junk card anyway so replace and upgrade to something decent. GTX 460 or Apple 5770. Something.


    I had BSOD with the 7300GT. And mine even though from Aug 2006, original, the firmware for 7300 was not applicable either.

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    When booting normall Windows 7 CD it is displaying some boot menu, and stops I know it is a problem with this Mac.


    Do installation of WIndows 7 x64 and Boot Camp 4 will solve my problem?


    How can I create this working WIndows 7 x64 DVD?


    Did You had this problem with 16-colours and 800x600 resolution?


    I can't boungt a new graphics. Officially I cant even open this Mac case

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    normally you install a driver from nvidia and make sure it supports 7300 series.


    you really should junk it. the 7300 and the idea of using Mac Pro 1,1 to install x64


    use a VM


    there are tutorials on Imgburn and Boot Camp


    Boot Camp 3 drivers are what you need. Or 4 but it won't help installing.


    Select CD: 1 or 2


    that is issue with EFI32 and Windows 64-bit