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There is some controversy about typesetting the derivative with some people feeling that the d in dy/dx should not be italicised. Since, currently I am using /frac {dy}{dx}, mine are italicised.


a) How do I do a derivative in Author "correctly". (e.g. /d and /diff don't work)

b) Does it matter.

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    I like to typeset these non-italicized, but I think the answer to question b) is no, not really.


    If you want the 'd' in derivatives in roman font, do this:




    Putting anything inside \text{} will result in romant text, not math italic.

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    The font used in \text{} is the background font, which in my case is not times

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    Then try \mathrm{d} instead, which should give the roman version of whatever math font you're using.


    What fonts are you using? What font do you want the d to appear in?

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    I am using the default Font in one of the Author templates which is Helvetica. In that same template, the default Maths font is Times, which I think is right. The main issue is not the font but the automatic italicising.


    I will try \mathrn{d}, thanks.


    BTW, is there a definitive list of what subset of LAtex actually works in Author?


    For example, I found /left({}/right) works by trial and error.

    I have not found how to do a long division yet.

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    Take a look at the tech note http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5321.