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I have an iBook G4 that has been sitting around for about a year. I have completely charged the battery. When I turn it on, the screen turns grey with a small folder image in the middle, blinking a ? In the center of the folder. What can I do to open it up?



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    This could indicate the following

    1. There is no OS installed, which would require you to install Mac OS X

    2. You have a faulty Hard dDrive, in which case would require replacement

    3. Your boot volume is not set to the hard drive so its not going to boot into the OS


    First thing to do is hold down the option key while booting and see if the hard drive volume is selectable. If so then select and it should boot to Mac OS X. If nothing is shown, then your going to need your original restore disk or a retail version of Mac OS X 10.4


    Incert the first restore disk or retail disk into the drive and hold own the 'C' key.

    Start the CD and at the option screen select utilities. Go to disk utilities and check the hard drive ( normally named Macintosh) check the repair option and after its finished try restarting the iBook without the disk in the drive.

    If utilities did not show a hard drive (macintosh) then you need to look at a replacement hard drive.


    Hope this helps

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    Ok, so I held down the options key while booting my computer, and this time a blue screen appeared with two small white boxes. The one on the left has a circle arrow in the middle of it, like the refresh icon in the web address bar. The box on the right has a solid arrow in the middle, pointing to the right. Any ideas?