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We have been producing podcasts for 6 years and not come accross this issue before.

Now our podcasts feeds are the majority of the time showing the ! error.


If you run the feeds through a reader they are fine and all the audio files play correctly off of the direct feed we are at a complete loss as the feeds are across two servers but all showing the same issue.


One feed is here




Any help would be greatly appriciated.


Graham John Bell

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,139 points)

    I can confirm your observations. The iTunes application cannot access the feed, although a browser can. I have seen other instances where a server apparently would not respond to iTunes where it would to a broswer, but no satisfactory explanation has emerged. One poster found that it was a permisions issue on the folder on the server where the feed was placed, and that moving the feed to another folder solved it (though of course the Store would lose contact with the feed if you do this) but I don't know whether this is related to your and other similar issues I've seen.


    I can only suggest that you contact the people running the server: server logs may show what happens when a request originates with iTunes.