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I have just bought ARD 3.6.1 and installed in on my MBP running ML.  I am a first time user.  My brother lives in another city and has a brand new Mac mini also running ML, and I want to help him learn to use his Mac.  I am unable to connect with his Mac over the internet using ARD (I can connect using Messages, but I want to use the more powerful ARD.  ARD Scanner can't locate his machine over the internet.  Here is the setup:


- I have used ARD to create a  3.6.1 RemoteDesktopClient.pkg and installed it on my brother's Mac. 

- We both use AT&T with UVerse routers.  Mine is 2Wire 3801RGV and his is Motorla NVG510.

- router user manuals are at http://www.ron-berman.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/nvg510manual.pdf and

http://hackingbtbusinesshub.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/3801hgv_user_guide_rev-1 -0.pdf

- His machine has Remote Management enabled in Sharing settings, with me as admin user

- both of us have Back to My Mac enabled in iCloud settings

- his router has VNC enabled in Firewall / NAT & Gaming

- my router has ports 5354 (TCP), 5353 (UDP) and 4500 (UDP) enabled


What am I doing wrong???  Thanks in advance for helping me configure and connect!

MacBook Pro (17-inch Mid 2010), iOS 5.0.1
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    For starters, you're not looking at the correct ports. If you only have ports 5353, 5354 and 4500 open on your end, ARD will not work. ARD uses TCP 3283 and 5900, so you need to make sure that those ports are open and fowarded to the computer's internal address in the routers on each end.


    Then you have to add the computer to the ARD computer list manually using the external-facing IP address of your brother's router. ARD will not discover a computer across the Internet by scanning unless you know the IP range.


    More information can be found in page 53 of the ARD Administrator's Guide:




    Keeping an ARD connection working across the Internet can be difficult due to IP addresses that can change. You may wish to consider a more stable remote control solution such as LogMeIn which doesn't require keeping track of IP addresses or setting up a somewhat complex system to do it automatically such as DynDNS.


    Hope this helps

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    worked like a charm -- thanks!  BTW got client IP infor from ipchicken.com.  Will set up static IP address on router & should address stability issue.

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    You will need a static IP address from your brother's Internet provider as well. If you can get one, that will indeed make ARD much easier to deal with. Otherwise, the router's IP address can change, though it usually doesn't do so often.