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Is there a way I can pair my ipad2 with my iphone 4s?

iPad 2 Wi-Fi
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    To do what?

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    To connect to iphone 4s internet

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    Set it up as a hotspot and use WiFi connection instead.

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    I was looking to do this as well so I could use my iPad in a location where there is no Free WIFI.


    Step 1- On your iPhone, go to the Settings menu. Select Personal Hotspot, click to turn on Personal Hotspot

    Step 2- Still on your iPhone, go back one menu level and select Bluetooth, click to turn on Bluetooth

    Step 3- On your iPad, go to the Settings menu. Select WIFI, click to turn off WIFI if it's on.

    Step 4- Still on your iPad, go back one menu level and select Bluetooth, click to turn on Bluetooth

    Step 5- On both devices you should still be in the Settings menu, Bluetooth. Look at the Devices list, both devices should now show up in each other's screen and ask if you would like them to pair (they will give you an identical number). Just click yes to pairing them and your done. You will now see their status change to Connected.


    To disconnect just turn off Bluetooth on your iPad.

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    Something on the hotspot.....you may need to turn the hotspot on thru your provider for your phone, the hotspot uses your data package and there may be a charge thru your provider for that.


    Please check with your provider before turning the hotspot on so you do t end up with a unexpected charge on your phone account. It builds up fast and it is very expensive.

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    Good to know! Thanks. It's also incredible slow.