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Hi guys, for some reason when I go to purchase something off the App Store when my keyboard pops up its transparent blue which I know us not right as all the keys are slightly transparent as well! Just wondering if anybody's had the same problem and if you know a solution to the problem.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    since i have this "feature" too (only on the "password-keyboard"), i was searching differnces between my iphone and the ones without this special colour...

    The only thing, i can think about, is, that there is my developer-account linked to my iphone (and apple says "iPhone 5 users should disconnect their device from Xcode and reboot prior to installing iOS 6.0.1 over the air." and i didn't do that)

    What about your iphone? Developer or not?



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    Hi Michael thanks for the response! And I'm not entitley sure as this phone is second hand! I don't think it is I will have to check. I'm just not to sure what the best solution for the problem is!



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    Any clues on how to fix this? It's happened to my iphone 5 too. Thanks in advance.

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    Any news yet on a fix? I've had this problem since I got my new iPhone 5 in October last year. Interestingly, it's not happened to my wife's iPhone 4 which is running the same OS, which leads me to think that it's possibly an app (or combination of apps) conflicting with the basic OS framework.
    Anyway, looking forward to getting this sorted...It doesn't do any harm, but just makes me uneasy to know that it's not running as expected.
    Again, thanks in advance.

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    Hi guys went into apple (the head techie had never seen this problem before) and they wanted to try a factory reset I have yet to do this but it seems like it should work, when I get round to doing this ill let you guys know! Thanks for your replies its good to seem its not just me with this problem. Antonio

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    I have the same problems. Someone could fix this?

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    Did a factory reset or a complete restore fixes this? Did anyone try? Don't really want to go through the painfully long process to do it unless this is the only way to solve it...

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    Hi guys when the update for iOS 6.1 was released and installed on my phone the problem resolved itself so the best resolution seems to be wait for an update or restore the phone yourself! Thanks for everyone's feedback.