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    higrys wrote:


    I might as well stop using OS which after update caused Chrome to freeze it.


    If using Chrome is more important to you than OS X, then perhaps that is the right solution. People often complain that some expensive, 3rd party hardware or software no longer works with Lion or Mountain Lion. They need to decide if they are customers of Apple or that 3rd party. If that 3rd party software is most important, then you ask them before upgrading your OS.


    other browser are not good enough and it would cost me more to switch browsers than to switch OS (really - I've done that many times, both browsers and OS's).

    The idea that one browser or another is not good enough is just ridiculous. Except for Opera, which always lags behind, they are all equivalent. The last time I heard talk like that was when people were trashing Parallels in favor of VMWare. Aside form its tendancy to cause kernel panics, Chrome isn't any different from Safari or Firefox. It's just a web browser for crying out loud.


    I am not talkin about the schedule, but about the software (that you had in full control). You did not have other 3rd party software written for your satelite, so you were in control of the whole ecosystem. Don't tell me please that as a 3rd party software company you could burn a satellite by just uploading software to it.

    Fine. I won't tell you that if it makes you uncomfortable. In some ways, a satellite command and control system is like an operating system. It includes many different modules from different groups and companies. Our users wrote extensive scripts to perform tasks like calibration, imaging, and maneuvers, including de-orbiting the spacecraft.


    we buit an application that was apparenly triggering some limitations of the older switch (but it was not supposed to). Guess what - in a few days we go the whole new (bigger, more powerful) ardware delivered to us and replaced.

    So that's your solution? Apple sound send new machines with bigger video cards to all Chrome users so they will be less likely to panic?


    Future is the key here. How gogle could prevent and workaround it, before the bug was introduced in the new OS update? I do not know what you base your statements on

    I base my statements on experience. It is quite common for people to code something up on Windows or Linux, port it to the Mac, see it crash, and then blame Apple. After all, it worked perfectly before.


    Just because it worked doesn't mean it was right. One of the primary ways to tell if some programmer was wrong, but lucky, is if the software starts arbitrarily crashing if the operating system gets updated or the software gets ported to another platform. That is probably the root of Google's problems. Linux is simply more forgiving of bad code.


    This is all I want to hear... Please Apple devs: let us know when it's fixed.

    There are no Apple devs here. If there is an update that says something like "fixes some kernel panics related to GPU resource exhaustion"' then it might help. If it doesn't say that, then Chrome could crash even more.


    i did work as Tech Lead Manager in Google

    I'm shocked.


    BTW. What's your relation to Apple? You mentioned "we" once or twice when mentioning Apple.

    None whatsoever. I used "we" several times to refer to my old satellite projects. I used "we" once to refer to Apple users who aren't flooded by apps causing kernel panics.


    You must be kidding me.. I was talking about real open issue list, that I can see and track and have others contribute to the issue, and can pop-up in search engines when I look for them (this is what happens now with both issues I opened : here and the one in google chrome forum)...

    Apple is not github project. You are free to report bugs but only you and Apple can contribute to them.


    The link is for Developers, not users (and I am user in this case).

    You do need a free Developer account to log in. After that it is just a standard bug reporting database. I would think that a CTO would not be so easily deterred.


    And it's so old and antiquated and not used by Apple, that noone, really noone is using it.

    You accuse me of working for Apple but you have some kind of insider knowledge about what Apple really uses for bug reporting? And what might that be? We (those of us who don't work at Apple) would love to hear about it.


    First of all it writes that it needs Safari 1.0 (?). Secondly, guess what happens if i search for "crash" or "hang" or any other search criteria (say 'OSX')?: No problems were found that match the search criteria.


    What's the use of such system that I cannot see issues raised by others and contribute to them?

    That just means you haven't entered any bug reports yet. The reason Apple requires a developer account is to try to keep out people like yourself who are expecting some kind of free-for-all forum. It is a bug reporting tool. If you have evidence of a bug and steps to reproduce, then file a report. Otherwise, don't waste their time.

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    There is no way we can agree it seems. It makes little sense to continue that discussion. I provided quite useful information on how to reproduce kernel bug, you gave me the usual advice ("it works for me on safari, so ditch third party software"). I am loosing time, you are loosing yours.. Let's wait for Apple to fix the bug they introduced. I hope sooner than later. I am also hoping google devs wil help Apple devs to find the problem in their OS and help them find the right fix for it, in a spirit of cooperation rather than conflict which we seem to have.

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