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What software do I use to create site and how do I create a web page and a site,

MacBook Pro, iOS 6.0.1
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    I'm in the process - after thirty years of being a print designer - of learning web design. I have all of the necessary Adobe web authoring tools at my fingertips but I was advised by many on the Adobe boards to learn basic HTML, CSS and a bit more JavaScript before jumping into any of the WYSIWYG apps.


    To that end, I'm now making my way through Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics. It was recommended to me by quite a number of folks on the Adobe forums. I'm giving myself a year - if I can't create a simple web site by the end of 2013, I'll just give up.


    If you just want to start a blog, you can register your domain name and server space from MacHighway and use WordPress to create a simple blog. But you won't learn full-blown web design by doing that.


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    The best way is to learn how to hard code, this way you have maximum flexibility and options.


    The easy way and to get immediate results to boost your confidence is to use a "What You See Is What You Get" program and shop around for a host server.



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    I don't know

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    Jasope wrote:


    I don't know



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    Except for the I don't know answer, every one is valid but which applies to you we can't say. What do you want to do exactly? My hosting service has a web builder kit that can deal with anything from a personal website for photo sharing to running a business. They are generic true, but it is a fast, easy way, inexpensive way to get up and running. Word Press is a great option if blogging is your thing. ds store (Hi!) pointed you to the program I use for 90% of my web work, RapidWeaver. It is a powerful template driven web development program with an incredible amount of flexibliilty. Add some plug-ins and you many never need to learn how to code by hand. Or, you can use it and code by hand for maximum flexibility.


    So first things first, why do you want to create a website?

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    18 months on... Perhaps they found a solution already.



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    Old thread or not I'll add on anyway. I would not advise most users to hard code their own site. A novice will only be able to put up a basic site, and it would not optimized for mobile, would not be SEO-friendly, would not be hardened against hackers, would not be cross-browser compatible, etc.


    Unless someone wants to be become a "web developer" they should use a tested, optimized, hardened platform like WordPress, Squarespace, etc.