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Hope you guys are well. Chris, I know we've explored these issues before. Forgive the repetition. Still working on a G5 SP 1.8 for a friend in need. He'll be using an older version of FC. The app will work fine, but I'd like to upgrade his 9600 Radeon to either an Applemacanix flashed X800XT, or one of those 6800's we talked about. The 6800, (Nvidia A220 GeForce 6800 603-7710), is used of course, (with 30 day return), from reputable Ebayer. And it's also cheaper. Waddyatink? Which way?




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    The flashed X800XT (FireGL) is a good card.


    Running at Apple OEM X800XT clocks, it is slower than with the FireGL clock. The card, though, running faster (at FireGL clock speeds and faster) heats things up fast.  I have one OC'd to 550 MHz, but also have a Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer on it.

    It's a bit of a struggle to cool the FireGL with it's stock cooler, even at OEM ROM settings.


    The flashed X800 is a single slot card, good for PCI card placement, has a dual link DVI port and provides very strong OpenGL support for OS X.

    Weak coolers follow previous Radeon cards.....


    FC? Motion?

    I'd get the Geforce 6800 Ultra:


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    Hi Chris


    Always good to hear from you. What would this forum do without you and BD?


    Yes I'm leaning toward a used Geforce 6800 - but I'm not sure it's the Ultra?


    I'll email the card/site/merchant to your email address - ok?


    Looking forward in hearing back from you.




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    Hey Chris


    Just to let you know, I bought a Geforce Ultra on Ebay, warrantied for 30 days.


    Your advice, suggestions, led me to believe this would be a good choice for Final Cut 6 Studio in a SP 1.8, within 10.4.11.


    Thank you Chris


    Happy Thanksgiving!



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    Yeah, I saw that it was an Ultra in the description. Good deal on an excellent card!


    Happy T-day to you, too!