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Hi There


I bought a new MacBook Pro Retina tho I'm the user of several firewire devices and a Cinema Display.  On my new machine, I'm currently using one thunderbolt for the display and the other port for a firewire adapter.  I've been plugging my Glyph (to which I record my Logic projects) into that adapter and daisying my Duet 1 into the back of the Glyph.  So far so good. Despite Apogee's warning against this, I've recorded just fine.  But I noticed yesterday that I wasn't able to modify the output balance in the Maestro software mixer panel.  I can slide the software and line in faders up and down, but the balance between the track and my mic/line in doesn't actually change.


Anyone experienced this and know of a fix?!


Many thank yous,



MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Apogee Duet 1