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I just got the iphone5 and how to I insert the sim because it is asking to insert one

iPhone 5
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    Read the manual.

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    I can't see the manual

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    From the Manual:



    Install the SIM card: Insert the end of a small paper clip or SIM eject tool into the hole on the SIM card tray. Pull out the SIM card tray and place the SIM card in the tray as shown. With the tray aligned and the SIM card on top, carefully replace the tray.


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    Look here for instructions on the SIM:




    The user's guide is bookmarked in Safari on your iPhone, by the way.



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    Did you manage to slide out the tray, is it on the RHS ,I am frightened I damage to phone

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    Again, read the manual.

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    Sorry rude people have to make you feel stupid. I read the manual, too and didn't quite get it because I was worried about damaging the phone. I finally found my answer here:




    Basically you use a paperclip in the tiny hole and you have to push pretty hard. That is what got me. I was afraid to push too hard.


    You probably figured it out by now, but since this was one of the top answers when I googled for help and all I got out of it was "Read the manual", I thought I'd give a more helpful answer.

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    Why do you feel that all the responses you have received are "Rude"?  You didn't push hard enough. Should have trusted the manual...


    Thanks for insulting all who gave you the answer.

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    The manual doesn't do a very good job of explaining. The poor girl that asked the original question was the one who got treated rude. The "duh" is implied. The response is easily read, "Duh! Read the manual!" All the manual says is "Insert the end of a small paper clip or SIM eject tool into the hole on the SIM card tray". It doesn't say "push straight in firmly until the tray containing the SIM card pops out". I (and I assume many others) was left to wonder how hard to push, if the clip should be used to pull it back out, if the clip should be moved one way or another and whether there was a door to open or if something was going to pop out. I think a simple, kind answer that explained "how" would have been much more helpful than simply stating the obvious, thus suggesting she wasn't smart enough to know what should be obvious. If you want to answer people in a way that makes them feel stupid, then you need to be able to take some constructive criticism.

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    Thank you very much HSMomOf7 THIS was the answer I was looking for!! I had already read the manual and... wasn't able to open the tray, apparently you do have to push the clip you're given a bit stronger, and the video shows it clearly. Thanks

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    I wondered the same thing. I thought I was going to damage the phone too by pushing too hard. Thanks for the great answer HSmomof7!


    I agree Tonefox, you came off as rude. If you don't have a helpful answer maybe you should just move on to another post.

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    You should use an ordinary metal paper clip. In my case, a slight push is sufficient to open the tray. I initially used a plastic one and it was thicker than a metal clip. I pushed hard but failed to insert it fully into the tiny hole.