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I'm editing a project for a friend who is on fcp 6 so I'm using my version of 5.5.  Her footage is HDV 1080i so I chose the sequence preset HDV-1080i60 to match her footage.  Drag any of her footage onto the timeline individually and you don't get a render line...so far so good.  Create a multiclip sequence and suddenly I have a render line which makes it nearly impossible to edit.  So I went searching for differences in the footage and the timeline and here is what I have.


My sequence is this


Picture 1.png

but when I choose file≥new sequence I get this:

Picture 2.png

Is this causing the render issue and why am I getting it if I'm choosing a preset sequence.  Most importantly how do I fix it?

Dual 2 GHz Power Mac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.4)