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I am sooo close- I want to compare the percent difference between two columns- to compare the total in column B to total in column C-- to establisha  percent of difference be it less than or greater---help

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    What's missing from your description is which column holds the base amount for the calculation. I;ll assume the original amount is in B, the changes amount is in C, and you want to know the percentage change that has occured from B.


    In column D, enter =(C-B)/B

    Format the result as a percent, with the number of places after the decimal that you require.

    Picture 5.png

    Note: The result in row 7 looks odd, but is correct to the nearest tenth of a percent.




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    YOU ARE THE GREATEST--- THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I wanted to compare productivity from last year's production (significantly higher) to the current year--- I set column B as 2011 and column C as 2012-- I want to see the variance differenct-- this appears to have solved it-- any further suggestions would be appreciated