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I recently forgot my ipad on my flight back home to barbados from miami via american airlines. it was only when i got home that i realized i'd left it on the plane, so i called til i finally got tru to one of the charters personnel and they said they would check. The following day i called back after not receiving any feedback about my ipad and it was then that i learnt their search for it had turned up futile and it couldnt be located. Is there anyway that i can locate my device as such. By the way its the only apple product i have so i dont know how teh find my ipad would work and its also password protected.

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    If you setup iCloud and Find My iPad in it's settings you can use the app at www.icloud.com to locate it or set it to be wiped. If you didn't set it up yourself you have done pretty much all you can do by contacting the airline. You could also report it as lost to the local authorities but I would consider it gone.

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    Hey thanks Stephen, i'd activated the find my ipad app via my icloud and my ipad went into lost mode last night which means the person got online last night since it was pending at first.....i left a message etc and we'll see how it  goes from there....however by the time i got the notification via email the person wasnt online anymore so i was unable to track their whereabouts.