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What is the newest time capsule model as of 11-15-12?  Will there be any up-graded models going to be released in 2012 or 2013?

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,284 points)

    The current Time Caspule is Generation 4, which was introduced in June 2011.


    The Terms of Use Agreement for this area....which we all agreed to.....do not permit us to discuss products or software unless they have been officially announced by Apple.

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    Gen 4 is still the latest.. A1409.. see wiki article.




    From the table you can see a new one is due.. overdue really, but Apple do not generally announce this stuff.. that is part of their marketing strategy. We are users.. and have no inside track as to what Apple will release.. if we did, Apple would sue the pants off us.. so we can speculate .. no end.


    IMHO Apple sees Cloud as the future.. Time Capsule does not fit that future.. so it might actually be scrapped. It is already far behind competitors NAS items.. would Apple mess with their cloud vision.. who knows.. your guess is as good as mine.

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    Thank You Everyone for the good info....Can anyone let me know if they back up from a PC to Time Capsule and how (what software do you use with a PC) to back up their data via a PC to Time Capsule?

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,284 points)

    I have not used a PC for about 18 months, but had very good results using Genie Timeline Pro software to backup the PC to the Time Capsule.


    Genie Timeline Pro | Overview | Time Machine Backup Software for ...


    Contact that Genie folks for up to date info on their products.

  • LaPastenague Level 8 (48,909 points)

    Almost any PC backup software can handle a TC drive. You need to set up so it is fully recognised by SMB network protocol which means the default apple names are wrong.


    The only backup I would NOT recommend is Microsoft ones built into windows.. they just don't work well.. the incremental backup is lousy.. and the low end windows like home, do not offer network targets I have heard.. although like Bob, I haven't done much PC stuff in a while.


    As a free one to start, Macrium Reflect.. is rather good.. it makes excellent disk images.. but to get incremental you have to pay the license. The restore is from either bootpe or linux.. and the linux recovery is dead simple.