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i have problem syncing music into my ipad mini but this does not happen to my iphone 4s. why?

iPad mini Wi-Fi, iOS 6.0.1
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    Are you selecting the music to sync to the iPad mini? Do you know how to set sync preferences in iTunes or do you auto sync? Have you ever set up sync preferences in iTunes before?


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    I have this same problem. I've never had a problem syncing my MacBook Pro with my iPod Touch. However, when I got the new iPad Mini I had to update to iTunes 11 in order to sync (or so I was told). When I tried syncing the two, however, only my purchased music (from the iTunes Store) got transferred; the remaining 987 songs did not. I know about iTunes preferences, and how to select which songs I want (or don't want) to sync; this is not the issue.

    Also, do I really need a WiFi connection to sync my MacBook Pro with my iPad Mini? Why would that be so, since I already have the two devices linked up directly with a cable?

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    You can still use a cable to connect the devices. You do not have to sync over WiFi.


    Try unsyncing all of the music on the iPad and then sync it all back again.

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    I have the same problem but using a Dell laptop. I have an Iphone 3GS, one 4S, one Ipad 2 and all work fine, I just bought an Ipad mini for my son and all the music does not sinc to the mini, when I first connected it said update ituns and I did to V11. When I look at the button "on this ipad" I can see the music in gray, but not in the device. What should I do? I know how to configure everything in itunes since I have another 3 devices and been using it for at least 4 years not.

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    ejvima wrote:


    When I look at the button "on this ipad" I can see the music in gray, but not in the device.

    What button are you talking about ... On what device ... The iPad or in iTunes?


    Are you signed into the correct account on the iPad - the same account that the music was purchased with in the iTunes library and the one that you are using in iTunes on your computer?

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    The button is on itunes at the end of the top row. Yes, I'm signing in itunes with the same account as the mini, my son's account. Music purchased in the mini is also don't sinc, the rest of the music is coming from imported CDs and I have it on all my other devices. all is fine, I can see the apps and itunes recognize the device serial number, etc. Everything is ok, except the music is not going to the ipad.

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    It is working now, I originally set the ipad with a backup from iCloud, what I did was reset the mini to new setting and making all over again now from the computer and using the back up of the 3GS also from my son which has all the music, etc and is now able to sing music. I'm convince there is an issue either with the new itunes version or with the IOS6.

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    I'm glad that you got it working again, but realize that the music that you import from CD's is not included in the iCloud backup, so when you restored from the iCloud backup, that music would not download from iCloud.

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    Hi Demo,


    I have this same problem on my ipad 4. i used a backup from icloud from setting it up and do i have to revert to original settings for me to transfer music on to my ipad? i cannot transfer music at all. when i coonect my ipad to itunes, itunes shows me a tab called "on this ipad" and the songs that i tried to transfer are there in grey but its not allowed to be played. Please help me out here...

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    I am exactly the same, I tick all the music I want on my Ipad Mini and its syncs but nothing is there. When I press 'on this ipad' all my music is there but it is not on the ipad. This is no annoying. I am now restoring it and going to try backup from my computer not ICloud. My Ipad Mini says the ipad software is up to date but now I am restoring it says it will be 2 hours of 'ipad softward update'. I'm about to throw this out the window. Anyone help?


    From what I can read above I have to restore backup NOT from icloud? Is this right? What's the point of Icloud then?

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    I appreciate the info but hate being talked down to.  I am not schooled in apple products but have owned many over the past 5 yrs.  I never knew that ALL my music was not saved on the cloud until right now.  My iTunes is updating at this moment to 11.  I will then use tidbits from everyone and see if I can get my husbands music on his new ipad mini.