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Hi all,


I have been using a Gen 1 Airport Express for 16 months to play music from apple devices to my Elan home music system.  It connects via cable to the WiFi router (which is cabled to the Shaw internet router) and connects via the audio cable to the Elan system.  Today it died 


Solid amber light and incredibly hot to the touch!  Tried all 3 reset options - but none worked.


So I bought a new Airport Express 802.11n.  I took it out of the boax and connected it inthe same manner......  but I only get an orange amber light?  Do I need to connect this to my laptop and configure using Airport Utility (5.6.1) - or do I need the newer version of Utility?



Hope someone can help - else I will need to call the audio people back - eek!




Airport Express 802.11n, Windows 7