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I have a mid 2012 macbook air 13" and a brand new Apple TV.  They are on the same network.  I can airplay from itunes on my macbook air but I don't get the option to airplay from Mac OSX.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Do you mean that it is the airplay mirror that is not working but normal airplay does?  If all on same network, apple id etc than it could be interference from a household appliance such as a microwave.  This is often the case with intermittent mirroring.  Does yours work at all?

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    Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Displays and check the checkbox in the lower left corner of the window that reads 'Show mirroring options in menu bar when available'. This will do as it states. AirPlay Mirroring is really the only AirPlay option for the OS X itself. Hope that helps.

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    Hi Jules,


    I doubt that household interference is to blame.  As stated, from the same Macbook Air I can open iTunes and Air Play music and videos to the Apple TV.


    I can also Air Play / Mirror from my iPhone 4S without any trouble.

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    Hi Malignance,


    I have no 'Show mirroring options in menu bar when available' option under displays - only "show displays in menu bar".

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    Shame on me!  Just checked my OS version:  10.7.x.  My brand new Macbook Air was delivered with Lion - not Mountain Lion.  Guess I'll upgrade quickly and test.


    Thanks for the replies.