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    richard0801 wrote:


    The information on Hammersmith and Victoria is incorrect go their and find out.


    Hint get train from Shepherds bush

    I don't know about Victoria, but both Hammersmith stations were part of my daily commute frrom Chiswick into the West End for a couple of years in the sixties Unless they have been moved, I suspect they are exactly where Apple Maps (and, just by the way, Google Maps) show them to be. 

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    richard0801 wrote:


    Sorry only came on here to see if there was any news and some idiot replied there were no bugs, he proably still has a commodore 64


    Will use google maps

    Of course you will use Google Maps because that is what you came here to push. According to what you have said in this thread, you do not own an iPhone, are not in London, and English doesn't even appear to be your native language.


    All of that is typical of the anti-Maps rants I have seen here in the forums. What is unusual about your posts is that you didn't bother to point out any actual errors in Apple Maps. Like any electronic mapping system, including Google's, Apple Maps has many errors. The typical ranters just focus on one particular bad data point and ignore all of the valid data they had to trudge through to find that error. You posted blatant falsehoods that were easily disproven.


    PS: You also said "In fact no buildings are marked". In fact, buildings, including those on Holloway Road are marked in Apple Maps. They are not marked in Google maps. This is, indeed, your lucky day as I have proved you wrong a full seven times over.

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    This is, indeed, your lucky day as I have proved you wrong a full seven times over.

    Many of these ranters are obviously full time, hard core trolls using the Maps issue only as a pretext.  As you pointed out, quite a few clearly never used Maps themselves, and probably don't own or use iPhones at all.

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    @etresoft, @modular, Hi long time no see. wowww, you mean like the Mackeeper idiots....

    I am flabbergasted, and english is not even near my natural language...

    good to see you here...

    my best wishes for you for 2013, an do hope to see and learn from you. Really, no joke.


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    Thanks Lex.  I wish you the best for 2013 as well, and look forward to reading your insightful and informative posts next year.  (English is purportedly my first language, though I've had my doubts about that reading many posts here...)


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    The answer to the OP question. NEVER

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    ****, born and live in London. Have an Iphone Ipad and Ipod. Keep using uor commodore

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