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Hi all,


I've been trying to use Profile Manager to specify user e-mail accounts on Mac devices (eg, MacBooks) but I've been encountering a couple of problems. I've tried searching around and didn't find any answers.


First of all I'm running the latest Mountain Lion Sever. All clients have up-to-date Mountain Lion too.


Problem 1: Payload variables not working


I'd like to automatically setup Gmails on the MacBooks. Now the users' email addresses are already set to their gmail accounts. So all I have to be able to do is use the %email% payload variable as the username when I go set up the (IMAP) mail accounts in the Profile Manager. However, when I download the profile to the device, it does not convert the payload variable; ie, it tries to log into gmail with the username '%email%'. Other payload variables do not work either.


Oddly enough, the payload variables work as they should with iOS devices...


Problem 2: Profiles stuck on 'Sending'


After enrolling the devices, it seems a hit and miss whether the MacBook downloads the correct profiles from the server... Is there a way to force on the MacBook to update/refresh its profiles? Also, when I update profiles within Profile Manager, the changes are pushed to iOS devices fine but not to MacBooks. Those tasks are all stuck on Sending... Logging in, restarting etc. sometimes helps but not always... Is there a reason why?


Thanks in advance.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)