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I have recently upgraded to Mac OS 10.7.5 and Safari 6.0.2.  In Safari Preferences, I have set my home page, and I have set New windows open with Homepage and New tabs open with Homepage.  Nevertheless, and in contrast to the behavior of Safari 5, when I launch Safari for the first time each morning, it opens with all the tabs that were open when I shut it down the previous night.  Annoying!  (Especially because I had to log in to some of those pages, and when Safari launches afresh the login is no longer valid, so I get an error message.)  How do I get it to open a single tab with the homepage upon launch?


Message was edited by: Robert Grossman After I posted this question, Apple showed me similar posts, and I found the answer.  System Preferences -> General, uncheck the box for Restore windows when quitting and reopening apps.  This is a new feature of MacOS 10.7 of which I was unaware, and it applies to all programs, not just Safari.  Apple, please note: "reopening" is not hyphenated.  "Re" is a prefix, and, in English, pre-fixes remain un-hyphenated. 

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