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I have DHCP service provided to a small school network by an Xserve running 10.6.8 server, not the new Mac mini server running 10.8.2, because the service is much more configurable in the old version (likely known to anyone perusing this forum). But we started having printing issues, and it turns out that the Mac mini started giving out IP addresses recently, despite the service being "off." Since it didn't have the reservations set, it gave some printers the wrong IP. I never turned the service on, but I wonder if the 10.8.2 update adding it to the Server app actually turns it on.


The Console log shows lots of DHCP Offers and acks, it should show none. Under Server.app Services, "Your Mac now provides these services: File Sharing, Software Update, Netinstall (which services the iMac lab). Under DHCP, the service is off, but it shows clients to which it leased an address.


I restricted the pool down to two addresses to reduce the possible problems, but I want to know a long-term fix. Something is horked.

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    Netinstall uses dhcp that will be the source of your 'rouge' dhcp server

    Can you not move the printers to fixed IP ?

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    It don't make sense-- I've used Netboot for years on many different generations of Mac OS X server and never had a problem with it using a different server's DHCP service, sometimes running on a Mac server, sometimes a Windows server. You are saying now that Mountain Lion Server's DHCP service will run even though the service setting shows it as "off" and despite the fact it is not needed?

    Yes, I can set static IP's on the printers, but I should not have to. I've used reservations for years without a problem, and it makes it a lot easier to move printers between subnets. I have IP reservations for all the main devices and computers, and it makes overall network management much easier.

    I guess I should focus on the fact that you're suggesting this is a known characteristic of Mountain Lion Server?



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    I should clarify my thoughts

    Have you noticed the progressive dumbing down and removal of services with osx server since snow leopard

    If you read the kb for mountain lion server you'll see that netinstall can use the dhcp service independently

    At one stage there was no GUI for dhcp at all and upgrading lion to mountain lion preserved dhcp setting




    Additional Information

    The bootpd process, which is used by the DHCP service, is also used by the NetInstall service, but you can use either service independently or both together.


    I have heard of cases of the bootpd.plist having no dhcp entries


    Try running


    sudo serveradmin fullstatus netboot

    And have a look at dhcp

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    If your 10.8.2 server is an upgrade of an older server version it might be re-using the previous settings.


    See http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5412