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A user report:  fixing an intermittent problem with files on CF cards failing to import, via a Lexar card reader.


I recently encountered a problem: raw files failing to import to Aperture from a Lexar CF card, via the Lexar USB 3.0 card reader, attached to my MacBook Pro retina.


Long story short: the following sequence fixed the problem.


1. Unplug card reader from MBP.


2. Insert CF card completely in card reader.


3. Plug card reader in MBP.


Lexar customer support recommended this sequence to me, when I called them for help.  The very helpful person I spoke with said that Lexar has received reports of the problem with some Macs (and some Windows), but Lexar does not know the reason for the failure to import.  The remedy works.

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    Interesting -- thanks for this report.  I have been planning to get a USB3 CF card reader for use with my rMBP.  Currently I use my Lexar FW800 reader via a dongle to the Thunderbird port, but mostly still import to my Mac Pro via the same FW800 reader.  The SCHD card reader built into the rMBP is very, very fast, but I mostly use it for video shot on my D800 and directed to the SC slot.