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Can someone explain me why spotlight (among almost everything) is always indexing but not able to find anything ?

Like avery Apple thing "you can't say that it doesn't work" you can only say that under most conditions it only works once in a while. When i lookup on spotlight for an app, like twitter, it wont find it, but will propose me to open Activity Monitor (i'd like to have an apple developper lazyness monitor). When i want to look for all my factures, stored as pdf files in all my clients files and all starting by "FA", i type "FA" in spotight, open results in finder, as I can't eliminate what's not pdf, i order by name, but then I realize Mac Os X has never been to school, and therefore doesn't know alphabetical order, nor, by the way, how to conjugate French.


So obviously, I know, the only decent answer is : "burnt the **** down" or better "throw it on a genius face", maybe "ask samsung, they know better on everything Apple pretends to know about".
But, like right now, and i really feel like in the 90's when my father was teaching me how to use DOS, is there a way to use spotlight or do I have to go comand line ?


Please, if you earn money from Apple, don't answer that, you don't have credibility.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    If you are interested in an answer, I would advise you to leave out all the profanity and ranting. That will only cause most people to either ignore you or ridicule you.


    As to your problem, although I can't follow all aspects of your description, I do note that you say Spotlight is always indexing. If that is the case, that's surely related to your problems. Most likely, your Spotlight index is corrupt. You can force the computer to rebuild it from scratch following these instructions: