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Using 1 camera, 2 Emitters, 3 Oscillate Behaviors, Frame Rate 59.94 fps.

Mac Pro 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon.    10.6.8

Memory 14 GB 800 MHz DDR2 FB-Dimm

64 bit Kernnel

ATI Radeon HD  5870  VRAM Total 1024 MB

Activity Monitor - when in play mode = cpu 102.6  MB  /  Threads 26  /   Real Mem 211.5  MB   /   Virtual Mem 178.0 MB  /  PID 346

When watching the 8 core grid in play mode, only 1 core almost peaks out. The others are not effected. It may jump to another core and do the same

with just it's only one core almost peak activity.

This is Motions libarary only, with no outside inport. Plenty of disc space as only 20 percent is full.

With a 10 second 300 frame set up, she boggs down to almost a stop at playback from the gate.

Render is Purposely set at Dynamic, full , best, and frame blending.

It is believed that this STILL should be able to handle this SMALL ACTIVITY on one monitor 1920x1080. At best settings.

Took off second monitor and set renders to the lowest options and STILL BOGG Baby BOGG.

Can anyone help councel to get better performance out of this app ?

Have tried almost everything so please keep this in mind when sharing as this has been a work in progress for a year.

Took computer to apple and no problems there, and many other things have been done as well, except a higher graphics card with more VRam if this would help. Money is no object. Would really welcome professional councel to the condition at hand. What are people doing? They can't be working with these conditions can they?  Thank you so much forum for your time. Where's the bottle neck, or is there a bottle neck, or is it just this way for now?

Just a note to help those who may not already know, on the new update, they took out the Image Units. The hope is that they are reconstructing this app for better performance. Hoping Hoping !     We will not have those Images Units again " says Apple Pro App Support. "

Motion 5, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Video Card ATI Radeon HD 5870
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    You emailed me directly and I explained that this is not a SMALL project.  Replicators and Emitters are the number of particles they are creating.  THAT is the correct number of items Motion is having to deal with.


    Lower the resolution and quality, turn off Shadows and such, too, in the Render menu (top right of Canvas).


    This is normal for such apps when you add in emitters and replicators and such. 


    You have the best GPU you can put in that Mac, you have enough RAM, it is simply doing heavy compositing work, that's the nature of the beast.  AE is even worse!

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    New already Ben about all you shared except this statement " it's the nature of the beast " .  Knowing that others

    are dealing with the nature of the beast helps alot in that we are not missing something.........Thanks Ben     thankyou