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I have several questions concerning iPhoto.

I’ve had a MBP for one year now and after quite a bit of reading through some posts I decided to use iPhoto 11 to manage my pictures (was used to Picasa on Windows but want to give a try to iPhoto). But, as a formal Windows’ user and since I’m not sure whether or not I will adopt iPhoto, I want to keep my original pictures the way they are (sorted the way I want them to be), what I can do since I have a back up of my pictures on an external HD. So, if I import the pictures from my external HD to iPhoto on my MBP, I’ll have the pictures on my HD and on my MBP (in the library), right?

Few questions:

1- I already imported some pictures (let’s call them picture x y z) in my iPhoto Library without copying them (what I saw is called “Referenced” mode), and entered the data on the name of the persons, tags… Is there a way that I can import those same pictures x, y, z in the “managed” mode and keep the information? In other words, does iPhoto is going to be able to recognize the pictures x, y, z and “transfer” the information?

2- Is the quality of the pictures damaged when importing to iPhoto?

3- In the Preferences > Advanced > Edit photo, I have option: “in iPhoto” or “in the iPhoto library”. What is the difference? Is it the place where my photo will be stored once edited?

4- And one last question, When I import all my pictures to iPhoto, can I use my iPhoto library in Aperture if I decide to switch to Aperture later, or I will have to enter all the tags too?

Thank you very much!



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)