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I have Logic 9. I know with Ultrabeat you can set it up to split the drum into separate channels for more control. What if I drag a loop (midi) out of the library into the work area. Can I split that into separate channels as well? I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this. Right now it just shows up as a stereo channel in the mixer.



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    Choose your track with a (midi)loop,

    then go to:






                             Now out of 4 options make your choice;


    Thats what I would do. It also can be done with audio loops although for satisfying results a little more work would then be involved.


    Have a nice day!

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    thanks for the response. I have Logic 9. When I highlight the track with the midi loop from the loop library, and go to REGION, there's only two options under SPLIT..."split regions by playhead" and "split regions by locators".

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    Sorry, you are absolutely right, I was in Logic 8 when I wrote my first reply.

    In Logic 9 you would, after selecting a Track/Region in the Arrange, choose:




                                <Separate MIDI events>


                                                                        <By Note Pitch>


    Hope that clarifies it, have a nice day.