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When I first got an iPod back in 2006 I didn't want to use up lots of memory on my PC with my music files, so I added my music collection and just used the iPod as a storage device.


For some reason, I can't remember why, I haven't upgraded iTunes as I was afraid of losing all my music when there was a particular update done to the software a few years ago.  I'm on iTunes 10.


When I plug in my new iPod touch, iTunes doesn't seem to recognise it.  I'm guessing that's because the software is old.


How can I move my music onto my new iPod without losing anything?  I'm afraid that if I just update to the latest iTunes that I'll lose my files.


I attempted to back up my old iPod, but in File - Library - back up to disk, it's asking for 15 disks!  I can't just back up to the PC/ext HDD that I can see.





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