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I have followed the steps provided in the install file to intilize the bonjour for embedded system . first I generated the shared ib for bonjour source code for my embedded system and then I initilized it by calling mDNS_Init  api.


Since I just need to browse at my client , I called the browsing fucntion as per dns_sd.h  , but I got the below error .


mDNS_StartBrowse: mDNSPlatformRawTime went backwards by 1669225997 ticks; setting correction factor to 1669225997

11-17 00:28:08.481: D/bonjour(1280): mDNS_StartBrowse: mDNS_Unlock: ERROR! m->timenow aready zero

11-17 00:28:08.481: D/bonjour(1280): DNSServiceBrowse("_appl._tcp.", "local.") failed: mDNS_StartBrowse (-65546)

11-17 00:28:08.490: I/System.out(1280): DNSService call failed -65546

11-17 00:32:24.720: E/ThrottleService(161): problem during onPollAlarm: java.lang.IllegalStateException: problem parsing stats:


I hope apple forum will help for this problem ..

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    I am able to fix the above issue , but subtype search on the embedded systems  throws an erros


    ex if type="_book._tcp.,author" throws bad param error but same thing works on the linux pc . Can some tell me how to pass the subtypes in embedded application