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How can I add a wifi printer to my network router (AirPort Extreme) using a pc?  I do not have a Mac. Or can i add a new wifi printer via airport utility from my iPhone?

Windows 7
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    By "wifi printer" I assume you mean that your printer is Wi-Fi ready and you intend on connecting it to the wireless network provided by the AirPort Extreme ... correct? If that is the case, you do not need to use the AirPort Utility at all. You should be able to use the printer's administrator panel to configure the printer to join the Extreme's wireless network ... just like any other wireless client.

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    Yes. You understood correctly.  One would think it would work that smoothly but it indeed does not.  The support instructions online specifically states the new printer needs to be set up on Mac,  to add the printer in the "shared printer" section but I do not have a Mac to do that with