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Why does a purchased book app (called TRIBES) NOT sync with my iPad, even though you can "see" the book (and cover picture) within the BOOKS category on the left side (Library, Books) ???


Even double clicking on the iTunes icon for the book will not let me read the new book.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Jeremy Kyd

iMac 1st generation
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    You still have to select the book to sync in iTunes. I assume that you downloaded this book on your computer. The left sidebar of iTunes is somewhat irrelevant as to what is on and not on the iPad. You are seeing what is in your iTunes library - that's all.



    Connect the iPad to the computer and launch iTunes.

    Click on the iPad name on the left side under devices.

    Click on the Books Tab on the right.

    Make sure that the book is selected to sync. Check the box next to it if it isn't.

    Click on the Sync Books Heading.

    Click on Apply in the lower right corner of iTunes


    BTW... Double clicking on a book in the iTumes window will not open the book. You can double click on a PDF in the iTunes window and open those files - but not e-books.