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I was repairing permissions and Disk Utility 'hung up'. There is a file on the left side I have never seen before:    decryptedFile.dmg


Greyed out below is: Flash Player.


The path shown for the 'decryptedFile.dmg' was:

           Disk Image Path :          /Jack's iMac/private/var/folders/6o/6oT1a+CTFC8o8-dk5sdwSE+++TI/-Tmp-/decryptedFile.dmg


Does anyone know what this is and if it's necessary? I would like to delete it if not needed. I cannot find it when I follow the path so I can't delete it 'normally'. Please help!


TIA, Jack

G5 iMac 2.0ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 3 megs RAM