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i have had to reload  applications and the such from a restpre due to the issue my hard drive got fried (and was waraantied) biot lost all my info.  i can see all of my info but my biggest thing i am missing is my pictures.  but i cant see if there are there because i cant open iphoto.  do i have to repurchase the program?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.1), Imac 27in
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    What system and iPhoto versions were preinstalled on your Mac when you got it? 


    If it was Lion or Mt. Lion then go to the App Store and log in with the Apple ID you used to purchase the Mac.  Look under purchases and select iPhoto to reinstall it.


    If you're referring to your iMac and the system was Snow Leopard or earlier you can use the Software Restore disk that came with your Mac to do a custom install of iPhoto.  The disk will look something like one of these:




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    that worked!!!   thank you!!!  but now how do i fing my pictures?

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    lost all my info

    That tells it all.  Unless you had a backup copy of your iPhoto Library on another drive your photos are gone for good. 


    In the future you should get an external HD and use Time Machine to backup your Home folder or the entire hard drive if the EHD is big enough. 

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    is there any way a geek squad or the suck can pull data or more importantly my photos from the hard drive - time capsule?

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    Did you have your iPhoto library backed up to your Time Capsule?  If so how?  With Time Machine?