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I recently downloaded Logic Pro 9 from the App Store. I feel a bit overhelmed trying to use LP. I am an amateur guitarist with a small in home studio. I mostly play/record electric guitar. I record against a drum & bass machine or pre-recorded tracks. I was wondering if people here can recommend a couple of the courses for me to buy and watch. Other than using CuBase for a short period of time a long while ago, I have been mostly using standalone DAW's like the Tascam 2488. So I do understand the basics of recording, editing, punching in, etc --  I just need to learn how to setup and do those things with LP.


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    Apart from tons of useful info on the net if you have time and patience to look for it, this is to my knowledge the most accurate and complete 'hands on' book for Logic: 'Logic Pro 9 Advanced Music Production' by David Dvorin.

    If you start now with one or two lessons per day you could be an Logic expert by Christmas!

    And if you need help, just ask.


    Good luck!

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    .... then there is also this:- http://www.lynda.com/Logic-Pro-training-tutorials/251-0.html ....


    .... and/or this:- https://www.macprovideo.com/tutorials/logic-application


    I find, that the two approaches compliment each other well. Have a look see ....

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    +1 Excellent Book! But start with the basics first.


    Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9

    Professional Audio Production

    By David Nahmani


    Be sure to check out David Nahmani's website!



    Once you've mastered his book move on to the more advanced book.

    Logic Pro 9 Advanced Music Production

    Composing and Producing Professional Music

    By David Dvorin and Robert Brock


    I have both books. You can find them online.

    They both come with companion DVD's that include the tutorial materials.

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    Thanks Guys. but I was asking about online courses on the AppStore like "Course For Logic Pro Workflow:.

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    Yeah GTBannah answered your question with 2 great online choices. You will also find plenty of info on YouTube. Check out SFLogicNinja and others. You will find that a combination of reading a book explaining what to do and why while you physically do the work will have you up and running much faster.