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I have a MacBook 7,1 (mid-2010) model running Mac OS 10.6.8.  I recently tried installing Windows XP (SP2) with Boot Camp.  While the Windows installation worked, I encounter an error when I go to install the Boot Camp drivers from the OS X install disk that came with my computer.  Towards the end of the Boot Camp drivers install, a "blue screen of death" appears—and disappears so quickly that I can't read its error message—and the Boot Camp drivers installation remains incomplete.  I've also noticed that I am unable to install Windows XP Service Pack 3, getting an error that says I don't have enough disk space for the SP3 installer to create a restore file—even though I have 100 GB of free space on my Windows partition.  I've tried reformatting my hard drive a number of times to no avail.  The real kicker is this: my twin brother has the exact same computer, and his Windows XP installation allows the Boot Camp drivers to be installed, and he was able to update to SP3.


Some other relevant info is this:  I downgraded from OS X Lion to Snow Leopard so that I could install Windows XP.  My brother, however, downgraded from OS X Mountain Lion to Snow Leopard so that he could install Windows XP.  As I stated previously, his Boot Camp partition works flawlessly.  I've thought about upgrading all the way to Mountain Lion and then downgrading back to Snow Leopard, but I would be pretty miffed if this didn't help.


Does anyone have any idea what may be causing my issues?

MacBook (13-inch), Mac OS X (10.6.8)