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Can I burn copies of DVD-Rs on my ibook? (ibook G4)

iBook G4 (14-inch Mid 2005), Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Apple in upper left corner > About this Mac > more Info > Disc Burning


    What does it say for write?


    I don't have an iBook but I can


      DVD-Write:-R, -RAM, -RW, +R, +RW, +R DL
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    Mine says -R and many others where it shows DVD-write.  But I can't seem to find how to go about doing it.  The choice to "burn a copy of this DVD" does not show up anywhere in the toolbar, except if I click directly on the DVD icon on my desktop.  Then it shows up under File but the copy came out blank.  Not sure what to try next, or if there is anything on my ibook.  Maybe it's just not capable.  The "missing manual" is NOT helpful.

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    Ah, your question isn't "if", it's "how".


    What exactly are you trying to do?  I'm reminded of the person who comes up with a screwdriver and wants to know how it works, is told, then pulls out a packet of nails to fasten a picture to the wall and looks perplexed because instead of asking how to attach a picture they just asked how a screwdriver works.

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    I appreciate your humor.  

    Yes, I wasn't sure about the write capability, so I double-checked and I should be able to write a DVD.  The question should be, how can I copy an existing DVD to another DVD?

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    To copy an existing DVD first you must make a copy.

    From the finder menu go to utilities. Then go to disk utility.

    Place the DVD into the drive you wish to copy and then select it in disk utility from the left menu.

    Once you have selected the DVD you need to create a new image. At the top you should see the option to create new disk image. Click that while you have the the DVD selected, make sure you select type as DVD master.

    Once the disk image is created, remove the DVD from the drive.

    Insert your blank DVD, which should open a prompt asking you to if you wish to mount. Select yes.

    This will now appear in the left menu in disk utility. Select your disk image you copied previously and click the yellow burn button. With the blank DVD in the drive, the process of burning that copied disk image will start.

    Once it's finished you will have a copy of the original DVD.


    Without any other burning software on your Mac, this is the way to copy and burn CD or DVD using disk utility.


    Hope this helped

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    As Knucklesmac says, for a regular DVD.  If this is a copy protected movie you cannot legally copy those discs.

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    Thank you sooo much for your help.  Sorry to get back to you so late.  I was just able to get to it today, as the DVD had been loaned out and was only recently returned. 


    Thanks again,