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I have bought a couple of legit mp4 movies from a none apple site. The higher red ones are in Divx so I converted them to mp4.


Then I added them to my itunes movies. I see them on the apple TV and I see them in my finder when I open itunes/music/movies


But when I look in the itunes movies and TV shows they are nowhere to be seen?


Why is that?

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    Then I added them to my itunes movies.

    How did you add them?


    Did you copy them into the "Movies" folder or import them into your iTunes Library? You need to import them into iTunes using "file > Add to Library".


    If you added them to the library but cannot find them, you might try to search for them with a smart playlist:


    File > New Smart Playlist


    Then add a rule "Media Kind is Movie"

    or try "Kind contains MPEG-4".


    Does this reveal your new movies?