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Hello all,


My apologies if some have noticed that this is not my first question, and are wondering why the redundancy. 


I purchased the time capsule in high hopes that this was going to be finally the device that was going to do it all for me.  I wanted to have a wireless computer backup and an open/general network file server.  So far, this thing is literally a brick sitting on my desk draining power.


First, using my macbook running snow leopard and my wifes pro running lion, the time capsule did sync with time machine, and backup my machine.  I did it wirelessly, and it took forever, which is to be expected - that wasn't a problem. 


I tried using the machine as a network file server as i have seen many do, and i couldn't get it to work no matter what i tried.  What was visible on one machine, wasn't visible on another.  I more or less gave up for a while to let the frustration settle, a feeling i am not used to with macs and apple products generally.


I then upgraded my Mini and my macbook to mtn lion.  Now, neither machine will back up.  My wifes pro running lion still works, but nothing else does.  I cannot backup, and i certainly still cannot figure out a way to use as a file server.  I finally broke down and took it upstairs, and connected it via eithernet to my cisco router.  Not sure i used the correct port though....


At this point, it does absolutely nothing and i think i'm ready to brave the unknown once more to try and get this figured out, or i'll just throw the **** thing out of the window and consider that a lost purchase.  PLEASE, someone assist me.  I have a general sense of mac products and troubleshooting, but am no guru. 


I would like to :


1- Figure out how to get my mtn lion on my mini, and macbook to once again find time machine, and backup my machine.

2- How can i configure the device to use a in network file server.  I want to load and park files on there to transfer to other pc's or simply have to play music files off of regardless of the pc i'm on. 


Your help would be greatly appreciated.


thanks in advance.

Time Capsule
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    Since you use Cisco router you probably have a fair amont of network knowladge.

    1. Make sure that all Macs are on the same LAN behing the Time Capsule (LAN side not WAN side). Also it helps if the Time Capsule is the DHCP server on the network. I suspect youmay have your Cis co doing this.

    2. Make sure the time capsule is up to date - it should be if you do not ignore update messages on the Mac you run Airport to configure the TC.


    3. In the Airport utility go to the Disk tab and enable File Sharing. Ideally password protected but not essential if you feel safe.


    Provided you have all this sorted it shoudl work.


    I have seen networks with Cisco routers where Apple computers where struggling to find themselves. This is down to broadcast issue Cisco / Apple.

    But properly configured it should work.



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    I would offer slightly different advice to TZ.. but not claiming I am right.


    I presume the Cisco is the main router for the network.. the TC should therefore be in bridge mode. And definitely not the DHCP server.


    But your dhcp server in the Cisco can be set to fairly short lease time.. to keep ARP tables up to date.. that can help. For instance use 20min lease not 1 day or 1 week.


    In the normal TC setup Apple suggests names that are not suitable to most network standard.. and I suspect increasingly even their own.. names with spaces and characters like apostrophe.. are illegal.


    So use all SMB network names.. short no spaces pure alphanumeric.. and this includes TC name, wireless names and hard disk name.


    to be continued.