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britny Level 1 (125 points)

next week i'm going to download classilla 9.3.1 to a g3 600mhz imac. i've never used classilla. in fact it's been more than two years since i've used the internet on this machine. before someone comments, i DO NOT watch videos on the internet. any tips on this? anyone tried 9.3.1 and what comments do you have? thanks.

  • Neville Hillyer Level 4 (1,865 points)

    I have no experience of Classilla but two alternative approaches come to mind:


    1 - Try iCab 3.0.5 from: http://www.icab.de/dl.php


    2 - Ubgrade the iMac to Tiger (OS X 10.4)

  • britny Level 1 (125 points)

    1. i thought classilla was the big dog in classic. oh well, i'll try it anyway. i got this idea by putting tenfourfox on my girlfriend's computer a few days ago and i'm really pleased with that and classilla is made by the same people.  i've heard of icab, may give that a try also. i see that icab 3.0.5 and 2.9.9 are still available. so you think 3.0.5 is better?

    2. i'm running 10.2.8 on the other side of the imac and to upgrade i would have to buy some more memory and a 10.4 disc. it's really not worth that extra expense for me since i wasn't relying on this machine for internet anyway. this is the only machine i've got (right now) where i can "play" around in os9.


    i still can't believe that no one here in this classic forum has tried classilla 9.3.1.

  • Neville Hillyer Level 4 (1,865 points)

    Use the latest iCab compatible with the OS - see my earlier link.


    Most of those able to do so have moved to OS X.


    I find SeaMonkey-PPC better than TenFourFox - see my page at:



  • britny Level 1 (125 points)

    oh well. i tried em both and am disappointed. a couple of my "critical" sites just don't display properly. i'll go back to my original plan. that is to get a macbook to sit beside the g3 imac and use the macbook for internet.

  • emiliocw12 Level 1 (10 points)

    Hey Britny are you sure? Did you downloaded the last update? I got a G3 800mhz running Classilla, and it works fine (not perfect but fine). But as another said here, upgrading to 10.4.11 will be nice, also if you feel that 10.4 is to much (it could be) go for the 10.3 instead. 10.3 is really GREAT, and looks pretty much like 10.4 but without the Dashboard.

    Good luck.