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OK so I will keep it short. I want to know if I should purchase one of the 2 to extend my wifi? I want to us my e4200 in the mix. if I go with the extreem I will place that off of my modem and feed my network and place my e4200 in a different room for better signal for wifi. I will also use it to extend to the old express N. Or should I save money and buy a new express to hard wire it and extend off of the e4200, with also extending it to the old express. Please help on this.


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    Hi - to have a true roaming network I would recommend taking the Linksys out of the mix completely - Apple products are designed to work with other Apple products - see this link for a comparison of the Apple base stations - http://www.apple.com/wifi/ - but whichever one you choose, be sure to use the new Apple router as the primary router attached to the modem and use the older Express to extend the network..

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    A: this would be a waste of $ to get ride of a 1 year old router


    B: does not give me the second zone I need.

    I play some games with my Apple tv and some are very skippy due to slow wifi and being on the other side of the house. I would like to have the linksys as first wifi, firewall and DHCP.  then have a hard wire (which is there all ready) to say a new express (for faster wifi to play games from iOS to an apple tv which is hard wired)  also giveing the wifi signal to the old one. The old express right now just does airplay which is fine but if it can feed off of the new one to airplay and also extend the wifi from the new one.


    Linksys-->express or extreme-->old express. All with same network name and pass code for G & N


    Sorry if this sound all over the place but I want to do this at the lowest cost but if no I see that adding the extreme as first seat would be best.

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    No problem - I understand your wanting to keep the Linksys in this situation - your Linksys-->express or extreme-->old express hookup is appropriate in your case.



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    thanks Charlie for the confermation and help

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    hay Charlie,

    Received the new one in the mail today and set it up and it works great for the wireless. Thanks again for the info. The only problem I have and I do not think you can help but I split the sound going into my cinmate bose gen1 and when the APeX is plugged in the sound coming from  the tv get in but very low and will only go so high. I think the ExP takes over the signal to the bose. But all it takes is 2 sec to plug it back in to use airplay.

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    Thanks for the update - I am not familiar with your audio setup but it sounds like your workaround works - maybe one of the gurus can help you out - enjoy.