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I'm French so excuse the following text :


I have a problem with iTunes : I don't understand why it never works !


I've tried to erase all the music I have on my iPhone but it doesn't work ! It's still some music in there. How to delete it ??


Could you help me please without the "restore your phone" answer... Each and every time I have a problem with iTunes and my i(Pad/Phone/Pod) it's the same thing > Restore it ! At the genius bar it's the same answer... It's Apple, I need a real solution...


Thanks a lot



iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1
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    Launch iTunes and plug you device into your computer. Select your device from the menu on the left and then in the window that opens select the Music Tab at the top. In the window that opens uncheck the Sync Music checkbox and then click Sync button in the lower right side of iTunes. After the sync is complete your music will no longer be on the device.

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    Thank you for trying to help me but I've of course already tried that at first and it didn't work